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Removing the specs and features sticker from the top bezel of the HP x2301 revealed quite a handsome monitor, with a glossy piano-black bezel and wide, stylish foot stand. The black bezel measures 0.75 inch wide, but shifts into metallic silver at the bezel’s base, where a cylindrical shaft connects the foot stand to the neck of the display. The stand measures 10.1 inches wide by 5.5 inches deep and provides ample stability when the monitor is knocked from the sides, delivering the most stationary LED-based monitor we’ve yet seen. The foot stand is covered by a cool-looking, green-tinted transparent plate.

The monitor’s panel is nearly as thin as the Dell S2330MX’s we recently reviewed, making it the third thinnest monitor we’ve seen, behind the aforementioned Dell and the thinnest of all, the LG Flatron E2290. The glossy motif established in the bezel carries over to the screen, which could double as a dark mirror when powered off.

The HP x2301features a thin panel, a well-designed OSD array and menu, and easy-to-access connection options, all at a great low price. Available at Best Buy for only 199$

Little Black Dress, meet your arch nemesis, Little White Dress. No matter how unique any LBD is, it holds no hope for being noticed when this Lilly Pulitzer Julianna Dress is in the room. All eyes are drawn to this beacon of beauty with decadent detailing and look-at-me lace. Paired with red heels, it is unstoppable. Available at for $198 only

This is the perfect bag for a long weekend; the three large main compartments keep you much more organized than a traditional duffel or weekender bag. You have one for your regular clothes, one for pajamas, underwear and toiletries and the last for your laptop, Kindle, and all the various modes of entertainment with which you might travel and their attendant cords and chargers.

The bag also has large exterior pockets on both the front and back, one of which has a zippered opening in the bottom to allow it to be slipped over the extended handle of a rolling suitcase, a trick which I’ve used several times and which works very well. As if that weren’t enough, it also comes with a little pouch that contains a collapsable nylon tote bag, just in case you need it. The construction of the bag is quite sturdy and LeSportsac’s famous patterns keep the company’s bags from showing wear, even after a trip through the world’s bleakest bus terminal. Buy through Zappos for $144.

The hood itself is printed, and you can zip it up for additional anonymity. The Darth Vader has a classy pinstripe look on the arms and a blank back. The Stormtrooper has the Star Wars logo on the back. Our favorite, though, is the Boba Fett, complete with rocket pack printed on the back.

Long-sleeve, full-zip hooded sweatshirts are 60% cotton / 40% polyester. They have two front pockets and ribbed cuffs and bottom. The ink on this is really soft compared to most of our hoodies. Note that the zipper extends all the way up the hood the hood. The eyes on the sides of the hood are mesh so they’re see-through. We recommend that you turn the hoodie inside out before washing in cold water and lay flat to dry. Available at Think Geek for only $49.99

Personally, we think it’s a sad, sad world that flapper dresses aren’t the norm anymore. Dresses that shimmy when you’re strutting your stuff across the dance floor? Yes please! We guess a cute Tassel Bracelet is the next best thing. Show off your roaring 20’s flair whatever your age. Available at for only $80

Most men aren’t used to the price levels of luxury goods, which is why the Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Messenger Bag is the focus of this week’s Man Bag Monday. With a non-fussy design and a price that rings up under $500, it’s the perfect gift choice for the boyfriend or husband who’s new to the accessories world.

This design is fairly ageless. It has a note of youth to it, but it’s not so pronounced that a man well in to middle age couldn’t carry it without looking like a striver. With a reasonable price point and such a strong look, I can only wish that more MbMJ women’s bags were this well done. Buy through Mr. Porter for $480.

Gives those lips a 1-2-3-4 punch with, a four piece kit that cleanses, exfoliates, plumps and balms your kisser into fighting shape making you a total knock out. Those kissing booth patrons won’t know what hit ’em! Available at st 45$ only

ThinkGeek Labs has developed our own messenger bag that comfortably carries way more than a bag of its size normally could! It’s big enough to carry a 17″ laptop, Large 3-ring binder, two college textbooks, two paperback books, Amazon Kindle, iPod, cellphone, cables, pencils, business cards, spare batteries.. and the list goes on. Available for only $59.99

Velvet blazers? Cute, but done to death, and we’ve all got at least one in our closets. Velvet dresses? A little too reminiscent of those stiff party frocks our moms used to make us wear during the holidays. Gone Away Velvet Pants ($39)? Oh, now we’re talking. 70’s-inspired, without being too Three’s Company, these plush skinnies will add a little luxe to your everyday wardrobe when you swap out your standard skinny jeans for ’em. Show off those stems, ladies! Available at

The dusty teal lizard accented with tortoise shell gussets and weathered brass hardware looks like nothing else on the market right now, and the combination is beautiful in a subtle, restrained, well-edited way that’s genuinely hard to come by.

Naturally, the color palette gives this piece a retro feel, but that’s part of its success. Almost all clutches go for shine, whether it be through polished hardware, beading and rhinestones or fabric that has an inherent sheen to it. This clutch goes in the exact opposite direction and feels completely fresh as a result. Buy through Matches fo$2,131.