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That trite phrase about time flying is a little overused for us, but the visual representation of it in this Butterfly Wall Clock  is quite stunning. You can pace the butterflies wherever you’d like, giving yourself a bit of creative freedom when it comes to clock watching. Available at Amazon for only $49.99

Oooh, this Sabine Cashmere Blend Cowl Tunic ($98) is luxuriously soft, a great neutral for pairing with any accessories, and will catch those little pieces of coffee cake you drop in the morning so you don’t miss a morsel! What’s not to love? Available at for only $98

The deep oceanic blue of the Nixon Time Teller Acetate Watch ($150) is called “royal granite,” but it evokes lapis lazuli. If we dropped more than a Benjamin on this menswear-inspired looker, it’d be more than semi-precious to us. And it’s not just damned good looking, it’s water resistant too. Available at for only $149.95

If you were born after 1995 you probably have never seen one of these. They’re called a handset. One side you can hear from and one side you speak into. The Moshi Moshi Blue Handset  lets us have that old vintage appeal without the hassle of actually being stuck in one location (Gasp! The horror!). We like the blue, but you can also get it in red, pink, or black. Available at for only 30$

A cropped leather jacket just sounds silly … or so we thought. The tapered tailoring of the Dolce Leather Jacket whittles in at our waist, so it’s flattering over plenty of outfits. For instant style, throw it over a sweater dress or a tee and jeans.

Available at for only $320

If you are looking to invest on a winter bag, here’s an option. This bag looks large, sturdy, and completely girly with the grey, blue, and pink tweed topped off with a leather flower corsage. And though we’ve seen plenty of carpet bags, this is the first “doctor style” purse we’ve come across. We’ll just hope no one mistakes us for women of medicine. We’re not exactly the type to react in a calm and cool manner if someone passes out in the subway.

Available at for only $93.90

The Yin Yang Watch is based on the archetypal Taoist “Taijitu” symbol, the Yin’s darkness shows the passing hours. The Yang’s lightness moves with the minutes. Time is told by the dots. The passing of time gracefully animates this universal symbol in a totally new way, showing how even opposites can overlap and mix. As the face slowly changes you are reminded that life never just one way or another, but always in the state of flux. You may be a Jedi now, but in a few years, maybe you’ll go to the Dark Side. Available at ThinkGeek for only $99.99

Since classy is always in, go the royalty route in this Steve Madden Princess Coat. It comes in black and ivory, and even though we’re scared to wear a white coat, it seems so much more Princess Kate, don’t you think?

The contrasting black buttons and belt loops give us lots of accessory options. We could color-block with red, royal blue, or yellow mittens and scarves for some serious winter chic. Available at Alloy for only  $95.92 

Comfy pewter flats with bedazzled bows on the toes and elastic on the back so they’ll stay on our feet better – that’s four reasons to purchase right there, no? We’ve even already started compiling a mental list of outfits to wear ’em with, which is always a good sign that we won’t buy them & then they’ll languish, unworn, in our closets. We just plain like these versatile, girly shoes and would like to buy them as soon as next payday hits and we have enough extra cash in our bank accounts. Available at for only 75$

You could keep your baby warm all winter long by swaddling her in a blanket in the safety of a stroller or you could smother it to death while harnessing it to your chest in the Peekaru ($80), a fleece-based medical experiment gone bad. Yes, it looks comfortable as hell for the baby, almost womb-like. Available at