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We’re hoping that the slick zipper action of these Rebecca Minkoff Zipped Up Earphones keeps them from becoming a tangled mess like all of our other sets. If they do become a crazy knot, at least we’ll look pretty damn cool once we get them untangled and in thanks to the edgy look of the zipper and the pyramid studs on the buds. Available at Nordstrom for only ($48)

Having to stuff a stocking for a tween/preteen/full blown teenager? Our condolences. It’s not an easy age to buy gifts for, but even the most dreadful adolescent girl probably likes lip gloss. The Sephora Collection Color Wand for Lips  comes with six mango scented lip gloss colors and applicators. They come in four different color combinations – not that middle schoolers use any discretion as to what shade is best for them, but it’s the thought that counts. Available at Sephora for only $10/stick

Dodocase, the maker of popular bookish cases for tablets and e-readers, has just released itsDodocase for Kindle Fire, and it’s a good one.

Dodocase says its one-piece bamboo tray, carved in San Francisco, “perfectly matches the curvature of your Kindle Fire while providing access to all buttons and ports.” And for those who are concerned about the Fire’s speakers being covered up, the company adds that the design includes “sound channels to direct audio from the speakers.”  The sound came out fine.

Dodocases don’t come cheap and this one retails for $44.95. While it’s only available in black, you do get a choice of interior colors. Available at

Music may live in your heart, but it also lives right on top of it when you wear the ThinkGeek Electronic Drum Machine Shirt. Pair it with the drum kit jeans, and you’ll become a walking rhythm section.

The wearable, fully playable  shirt crams a whole lot of drum machine into a very portable format. There are nine different drum kits, including “bass invaderz” and “zapf dingbeats.” The rhythm is, indeed, going to get you.

The machine is triggered by a set of pads right on top of your chest. You can record loops up to three minutes long and then layer them for a fuller sound.

Available at ThinkGeek for only $29.99

Glamming up an everyday staple makes something otherwise ordinary damn near irresistible to us. Doing it in five different color combos? Well that’s just cruel. How are we supposed to pick which lovely Deux Lux Felix Satchel  is right for us? Navy with graphite sequins? Olive with gold sequins?

What’s a girl to do?! We’ve decided to just ask for one for Christmas and let the gift giver decide. Available at for only $86

We love these Fair Isle Wrist-Warmers from Wooden Ships–the black and mustard is to die for. But do we really need another pair of fingerless gloves? Is there ever a time when we need palm and wrist warmth, but not finger warmth? Available at for only $42

Imagine if Tom Cruise got a hold of you in the MUUBAA Charme Aviatress Jacket ? This cool jacket is a feminine take on the traditional tough guyish aviator jacket. We love the detachable arms that turn this jacket into a vest. Available at for only $512

This Houdini Beanie is fairly magical. It can change into three different styles, hide a less than stellar hair day, and cover the gigantic zit on your forehead that didn’t get the memo you’re not 15 anymore. Anything that can hide the unicorn horn that visits once or twice a month is a magic maker in our opinion. Available at for only $37

The iPad® has a new BFF. Designed to work with Apple® gadgets, the 3M™ Mobile Projector  helps bring back family movie night — enjoy photos from your recent Atlantis vacation again and again. Not only does it have a clean, minimalist design, it’s also user-friendly, small enough to stash in a purse and creates a screen anywhere: on a wall, a ceiling, a t-shirt — even a cocktail napkin. While enjoying cocktails, of course. Available at for only $299.99

If we did as much tagging as this bottle of Kenzo Flowertag Eau de Toilette ($83) compels us to do, we would be in jail faster than the hoodlums putting up graffiti in “that part” of downtown.

Inspired by the 5-0’s least favorite art form, Flowertag is all about the free spirit and energy of spontaneous creativity. Available at Kenzo for only $83