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Before you become a mother, your body temperature is only influenced by what temperature it actually is where you are and what clothing you are wearing. After you become a Mom, you can change your own body temperature by bundling or un-bundling your child. It’s true, and it’s why your mother always begs you you wear a jacket. Feel too hot? Take off that kid’s sweatshirt to feel relief. Too cold? Dress him up in this cozy-looking Nordstrom Baby Quilted Velour Bunting , and you’ll feel like you just sank into a warm bath. Available at for only $38, in six colors

You could keep your baby warm all winter long by swaddling her in a blanket in the safety of a stroller or you could smother it to death while harnessing it to your chest in the Peekaru ($80), a fleece-based medical experiment gone bad. Yes, it looks comfortable as hell for the baby, almost womb-like. Available at

The last time we tried to make our own quilt we ended up spending a Benjamin for a hot mess we embarrassingly called bedding. This time we’re just gonna leave it to the pros. This Hand-blocked Leaf Quilt is hand printed and quilted by artisans in India so each quilt is unique. Since it’s made with a light cotton fill, it’s perfect for warmer climates and looks awesome paired with bright blankets underneath for cooler areas.

If there’s one thing you learn as a new parent, it’s that babies have an uncanny ability to produce horrible, disgusting filth. Your friends only see the baby when she’s all fresh and clean and giggles, but you know her dark side. You’ve seen the… the… is there even a word for the things you’ve seen in her diaper? Things that can’t be unseen, that’s for sure.

Normal baby bathtubs hold very little water, and once it gets dirty, you’re done. The Cleanwater Baby Bathtub drains the dirty water out of the tub so your baby isn’t sitting in it. Fresh water is held in the reservoir for rinsing. Cleaner water. Cleaner baby! The color-coded digital thermometer makes it easy to set the perfect temperature for baby’s sensitive skin. It even includes a bath sponge for added support for newborns. Get this at ThinkGeek for $89.99 only

Why should the little ones have all the fun?!

Ambajam makes the softest blankets around, helping make any travel journey easier. Each colorful blanket will remind your baby of his home – he can cuddle with the Mini Cuddle, Cuddle-Up Blanket or Jumbo Cuddle.

These are available in Ambajam at 82$