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It’s hard to find an interesting, non-bulky puffer coat, so we’re happy to have found this RD Style Belted Puffer Coat. The sporty belt and funky collar are calling our chilly names! Available at for only $180

You know it’s little when they refer to a miniskirt as small. If you’re looking to lengthen your legs at the holiday bash, you can’t go wrong with this Small Sequin Miniskirt. Well, actually, you can go wrong. We suggest wearing tights so you’re not flashing anything other than those shimmering sequins. Available at for only $37

For those luxury loving ladies who want to add a bit of fur to their lives without feeling ostentatious, try the subtle Sofie Fox Pom Pom Scarf . It’s pretty much the ultimate in softness. Supple cashmere comes to a fuzzy end that’s all in all, not fussy. Available at for only $123

Sequins and chunky cables….normally we’d say no way, but we’re totally digging the Sanctuary Sequin Sweater , which has a feminine feel to a stylish fisherman sweater in a pretty fawn color (that goes with just about everything in our wardrobe). Available at for only $130

H-E-L-L-O divine lady! We’re loving the retro pin-up girl glam of the Juicy Couture Miss Divine Bandeau Swim Dress . This stunning tomato swimsuit is sure to turn heads; it’s a little bit playful and a lot vintage sexy. Available at for only $151

Music may live in your heart, but it also lives right on top of it when you wear the ThinkGeek Electronic Drum Machine Shirt. Pair it with the drum kit jeans, and you’ll become a walking rhythm section.

The wearable, fully playable  shirt crams a whole lot of drum machine into a very portable format. There are nine different drum kits, including “bass invaderz” and “zapf dingbeats.” The rhythm is, indeed, going to get you.

The machine is triggered by a set of pads right on top of your chest. You can record loops up to three minutes long and then layer them for a fuller sound.

Available at ThinkGeek for only $29.99

Imagine if Tom Cruise got a hold of you in the MUUBAA Charme Aviatress Jacket ? This cool jacket is a feminine take on the traditional tough guyish aviator jacket. We love the detachable arms that turn this jacket into a vest. Available at for only $512

This coat is slimming and sophisticated, it has a great romantic, military feel. And the Mandarin collar means it won’t be too bulky around the neck with the multitude of scarves we’d like to wear with it this winter. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also exactly what we wanted for our sexy Inspector Javert costume this weekend. Available at for only $169

If you’re craving those zig zags, fear not. You can buy this Maggy London Jersey Blouson Dress. The color scheme is similar to one of the color schemes Missoni used for their highly coveted Target line, but the zig zags are bigger, and bigger is always better when it comes to purple zig zags. Available in Nordstrom for only $128

Oooh, this Sabine Cashmere Blend Cowl Tunic ($98) is luxuriously soft, a great neutral for pairing with any accessories, and will catch those little pieces of coffee cake you drop in the morning so you don’t miss a morsel! What’s not to love? Available at for only $98