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As Barnes & Noble says, think origami, and you get the concept behind the Tasume. It’s a thin trifold case that’s relatively lightweight and protects the screen when folded shut–and stays shut thanks to an integrated magnet.

You then fold the flaps of the case back to form the stand (the flaps adhere nicely thanks to the magnet) and you can prop up your Nook Tablet or Color horizontally or vertically.

The case comes in carbon or red. The only drawback is that it’s pretty pricey at $49.95 and some users have faulted it for not being made of leather. But consider this to be the best choice if you plan to use the Tablet as a media player–at least until more cases with integrated stand options arrive.  Available at Barnes and Noble 

Dodocase, the maker of popular bookish cases for tablets and e-readers, has just released itsDodocase for Kindle Fire, and it’s a good one.

Dodocase says its one-piece bamboo tray, carved in San Francisco, “perfectly matches the curvature of your Kindle Fire while providing access to all buttons and ports.” And for those who are concerned about the Fire’s speakers being covered up, the company adds that the design includes “sound channels to direct audio from the speakers.”  The sound came out fine.

Dodocases don’t come cheap and this one retails for $44.95. While it’s only available in black, you do get a choice of interior colors. Available at

Music may live in your heart, but it also lives right on top of it when you wear the ThinkGeek Electronic Drum Machine Shirt. Pair it with the drum kit jeans, and you’ll become a walking rhythm section.

The wearable, fully playable  shirt crams a whole lot of drum machine into a very portable format. There are nine different drum kits, including “bass invaderz” and “zapf dingbeats.” The rhythm is, indeed, going to get you.

The machine is triggered by a set of pads right on top of your chest. You can record loops up to three minutes long and then layer them for a fuller sound.

Available at ThinkGeek for only $29.99

We still have a couple of weeks to go before the November 8 release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but while you can’t get the game yet, you can buy the official gaming keyboard in anticipation.

To get you in the right mood for the first-person shooter, the Logitech G105 comes with green LED backlighting in the same shade as night-vision goggles. The G105 allows users to record their own macros on the fly. There are 6 programmable keys with 3 different modes for up to 18 possible macro combinations.

The USB-compatible G105 can accept up to five simultaneous key inputs so you can mash the keyboard knowing your commands will be registered. It also has a gaming mode that disables the functionality of the Windows key, so you won’t accidentally drop out of your gaming session.

The Logitech G105 is available worldwide for $54

You can dock just about any of those old drives into this simple device. Stick a USB transfer cable into one end along with the power-cable, and in one of the other ends, you can connect a 3.5″ IDE hard drive, or a laptop 2.5″ IDE drive, or even a miniscule 1.8″ IDE hard drive! But, why stop there?

You can connect a SATA drive, too! How about an optical disk drive? We’ve got it covered. Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, writeable, rewriteable… it doesn’t matter! We’re drive agnostic with our USB to SATA/IDE Combo Kit. Now your old drives have a brand new life. Or, if you’re the handy type, you can keep this one device handy to recover data from a drive in a dead computer. You won’t have to haul several different devices – just this one! Available at Think Geek for only $29.99

Removing the specs and features sticker from the top bezel of the HP x2301 revealed quite a handsome monitor, with a glossy piano-black bezel and wide, stylish foot stand. The black bezel measures 0.75 inch wide, but shifts into metallic silver at the bezel’s base, where a cylindrical shaft connects the foot stand to the neck of the display. The stand measures 10.1 inches wide by 5.5 inches deep and provides ample stability when the monitor is knocked from the sides, delivering the most stationary LED-based monitor we’ve yet seen. The foot stand is covered by a cool-looking, green-tinted transparent plate.

The monitor’s panel is nearly as thin as the Dell S2330MX’s we recently reviewed, making it the third thinnest monitor we’ve seen, behind the aforementioned Dell and the thinnest of all, the LG Flatron E2290. The glossy motif established in the bezel carries over to the screen, which could double as a dark mirror when powered off.

The HP x2301features a thin panel, a well-designed OSD array and menu, and easy-to-access connection options, all at a great low price. Available at Best Buy for only 199$

The new Dell Vostro V131 picks up where the V130 left off, with a nearly identical design, clad in smooth metal and a choice of Silver or a race-carlike Lucerne Red for an extra $30. The V130 weighs 3.6 pounds and has a 13.3-inch screen. It still feels as sturdy and comfortable as the last time we used one. While the touch pad’s on the small side, the island-style keyboard is very well-built, and there’s plenty of hand and palm room.

But, there’s a big difference under the hood: the new Vostros feature full-voltage second-generation Intel processors, matching what’s available in most mainstream laptops.

The Vostro V131 has a starting price of $499 with a 1.1GHz Intel Celeron ULV 847 processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 320GB hard drive, but most people would choose the $599 model instead, which bumps up to a more reasonable second-gen Intel Core i3-2310M CPU. There’s also a Core i5-2410M version at $799. RAM can be expanded up to 6GB on most models, and hard-drive space up to 500GB, with no SSD option.

Bells and whistles include an HD Webcam, two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, SRS Premium Voice Pro and chat-optimized digital array mics, and optional add-ons including keyboard backlighting and WiMax, LTE, and 3G broadband connectivity. Available at

The Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive is the first external hard drive for Macs that also offers an USB hub to help the computer host and sync with other USB devices.

Basically, the Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive is an external desktop hard drive that also incorporates a two-port USB hub. The drive itself connects to a computer via another USB 2.0 port or one of its two Firewire 800 ports. It doesn’t feature USB 3.0, however, mostly because Macs generally don’t support this faster USB standards.

The new external hard drive is reformatted in HFS+ to work with a Mac out of the box. Iomega says it’s designed to fit perfectly on the base of the iMac or an Apple LCD. It also features a storage gauge via four little LED lights, each represents about 20 percent of its capacity. This Mac Companion Hard Drive is available now at Apple retail stores in 2TB or 3TB capacities that are estimated to cost $195 and $295

Capping at just 750GB, the Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro portable hard drive is rather disappointing in terms of storage space when compared with the 1.5TB Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Ultra-portable. But what it lacks in capacity, it more than makes up in sexiness. The eye-catching portable drive looks very much like an iPhone 4 with black top and bottom and aluminum at the edges.

As an external hard drive, the Touro features USB 3.0 and is backward-compatible with USB 2.0. On the inside, it’s based on a 2.5-inch internal hard drive that spins at 7,200rpm (as opposed to the 5,400rpm of most drives)

The Touro Hitachi comes with bundled backup software called Hitachi Backup that works with both Macs and PCs. The software facilitates backing up both to the drive and to Hitachi’s online backup service. Purchasing the drives gets you 3GB for free. The drive will make a very good companion for those who travel with a laptop , get this on at $87.90

The new game-enabled boxes are known as the Roku 2 line–a particularly curious name, since it’s the third or fourth incarnation of the streaming-media box (depending on how you count) that first debuted in May 2008. Truth in numbering notwithstanding, the new models carry over the basic functions of the existing Roku line, with more than 250 streaming media channels (including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant, MLB, NHL, NBA, UFC, and dozens of others), HD video, and built-in Wi-Fi support. The tiny enclosures are smaller even than archrival Apple TV–just 3.3-inch square, and less than an inch high.

The three models are known as the Roku 2 HD ($60), Roku 2 XD ($80), and Roku 2 XS ($100); all should be available at retail by the end of July. They replace the existing Roku models (Roku HD, Roku XD, and Roku XDS, respectively) that are currently available at those same price points. Notably, all three models utilize the fastest 802.11n Wi-Fi standard, and all offer a MicroSD expansion slot on the rear.All three also include Bluetooth compatibility for the new game remote–though that Wii-like motion remote will only be included with the top-of-the-line $100 model. The remote will be available separately (bundled with a 2GB MicroSD card) for $30. The HD and XD will ship with standard infrared remotes, and–thankfully–all Roku 2 models retain an IR sensor, so unlike the Wii and PlayStation 3, Roku 2 boxes will still be controllable via standard universal remotes. Available at for 59.99 , 79.99 and 99.99 respectively.