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Now that it’s winter and the country is getting its share of snow, we think it’s about time to go break some bones. L.L. Bean’s Flexible Flyer Sled totally beats the trays we filched (and returned!) from our college cafeteria. Made to glide over snow, we’re excited to drive to the mountains and have a snow day. What, adults can’t enjoy a snow day once in a while? Get your sled on. Available at for $88 on sale

The H2GO hybrid is a environmentally friendly R/C car that uses hydrogen to power the battery that turns the motor and moves the toy car. That’s right, this R/C is a tiny electric car fueled by hydrogen. And where do you get this hydrogen fuel? From a pint-size solar-powered hydrogen generation and refueling station, of course.

Toy owners will use a solar panel and water to create the hydrogen fuel supply. The solar panel is also used to recharge the R/C’s remote control and super capacitors. Hydrogen will be used to charge the vehicle’s battery and power the motor, and the H2Go’s super capacitors are used for a little speed boost.

Created by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, H2Go is the perfect gift for the budding automotive enthusiast with a passion for green tech. The $150 kit comes with a hybrid hydrogen car, solar panel, hydrogen station, and remote control and is available at

Too cool for a rocking horse but not quite old enough for their first set of wheels? This Rocking Vespa Scooter  is the perfect first set of wheels for your very own Evil Kinevil. Available at for only $120

Surprise the little conductor this Christmas season with something he will cherish forever. The Lionel Pennsylvania Railway Express Train Set  is an awesome locomotive train set that features a working headlight and choo choo-rific train sounds. Available at for only $120

It is a  shirt that you can play like a guitar! I kid you not friends, this is for real! This is the Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt from Think Geek. The shirt retails for $29.99 and is available on their site. I uses 4- AAA batteries to create it’s racket.  Also included is the mini-amp (that goes to 11..) and two magnetic picks. Wear this to your next party and rock out!


We think skater boys and girls alike will be more motivated to unlace if you give ’em this recycled skateboard bench to sit on. You might be tempted to stick this in the garage or the kid’s room, but we think it’d even look pretty fabu in a sleek, modern entryway.

The new and improved deckbench is expertly crafted from 100% reclaimed and recycled broken skateboards. This is can also be customized and available at at $699

We’ve already invested in an expensive pair of cat eye sunglasses this season. But, we’re really awesome at losing things, so we’ll bust those out on special occasions and wear these ASOS Oversized Red Cat Eye Sunglasses ($22) the rest of the time. They’re super stylish and fun, but affordable enough that if we lose them/break them/sit on them 30048321 times, we won’t feel too bad about it .

Why should the little ones have all the fun?!

Ambajam makes the softest blankets around, helping make any travel journey easier. Each colorful blanket will remind your baby of his home – he can cuddle with the Mini Cuddle, Cuddle-Up Blanket or Jumbo Cuddle.

These are available in Ambajam at 82$

Bring your tablet-based gaming to the next level with the JOYSTICK-IT Tablet Arcade Stick. The JOYSTICK-IT gives you a real physical joystick for increased precision with touchscreen based games. Simply press down to attach the JOYSTICK-IT to your tablet based computer’s screen for improved gaming. No wires or batteries needed.

Any game that has an on-screen control pad of some kind is perfect for the JOYSTICK-IT. Simply run your game of choice, place the JOYSTICK-IT over the on-screen control pad and push down. The JOYSTICK-IT sticks to the glass of your display and is ready for action. The lightweight solid milled-aluminum construction of the JOYSTICK-IT adds more precise movement and faster response time for enhanced playability. When you’re done, simply pull-up on the JOYSTICK-IT to remove from the screen.

Add a real physical joystick to your tablet computer for enhanced gaming precision available at Think Geek

Porsche Design just announced the follow-up to P’9521, a quad-band cell phone milled from a single solid block of aluminum and a single sheet of scratchproof glass.

Besides the black and brushed appearance the P’9522 offers Wi-Fi, GPS, a 2.8″ AM OLED display, fingerprint sensor and a five megapixel still/video camera with flash and digital zoom.