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It can’t just be our dad who’s on a health kick. The Masterbuilt Electric Veranda Pedestal Grill  suits his grilling needs without all that icky carbon emission. For someone who has it all, this is an elegant upgrade to the hibachi grill. And it’s shiny. Sold. Available at for only $147


Before you become a mother, your body temperature is only influenced by what temperature it actually is where you are and what clothing you are wearing. After you become a Mom, you can change your own body temperature by bundling or un-bundling your child. It’s true, and it’s why your mother always begs you you wear a jacket. Feel too hot? Take off that kid’s sweatshirt to feel relief. Too cold? Dress him up in this cozy-looking Nordstrom Baby Quilted Velour Bunting , and you’ll feel like you just sank into a warm bath. Available at for only $38, in six colors

Too cool for a rocking horse but not quite old enough for their first set of wheels? This Rocking Vespa Scooter  is the perfect first set of wheels for your very own Evil Kinevil. Available at for only $120

As Barnes & Noble says, think origami, and you get the concept behind the Tasume. It’s a thin trifold case that’s relatively lightweight and protects the screen when folded shut–and stays shut thanks to an integrated magnet.

You then fold the flaps of the case back to form the stand (the flaps adhere nicely thanks to the magnet) and you can prop up your Nook Tablet or Color horizontally or vertically.

The case comes in carbon or red. The only drawback is that it’s pretty pricey at $49.95 and some users have faulted it for not being made of leather. But consider this to be the best choice if you plan to use the Tablet as a media player–at least until more cases with integrated stand options arrive.  Available at Barnes and Noble 

Sequins and chunky cables….normally we’d say no way, but we’re totally digging the Sanctuary Sequin Sweater , which has a feminine feel to a stylish fisherman sweater in a pretty fawn color (that goes with just about everything in our wardrobe). Available at for only $130

Surprise the little conductor this Christmas season with something he will cherish forever. The Lionel Pennsylvania Railway Express Train Set  is an awesome locomotive train set that features a working headlight and choo choo-rific train sounds. Available at for only $120

H-E-L-L-O divine lady! We’re loving the retro pin-up girl glam of the Juicy Couture Miss Divine Bandeau Swim Dress . This stunning tomato swimsuit is sure to turn heads; it’s a little bit playful and a lot vintage sexy. Available at for only $151

Putting the Tarjay back into Target is the Sea Going Solid Shade Ceramic Lamp . You’ll feel like you paid boutique prices for this clean modern lamp that adds a cheery burst of color into any room you’d like – and at twenty bucks, why not all of them?

Available at for only ($20)

We’re hoping that the slick zipper action of these Rebecca Minkoff Zipped Up Earphones keeps them from becoming a tangled mess like all of our other sets. If they do become a crazy knot, at least we’ll look pretty damn cool once we get them untangled and in thanks to the edgy look of the zipper and the pyramid studs on the buds. Available at Nordstrom for only ($48)

Having to stuff a stocking for a tween/preteen/full blown teenager? Our condolences. It’s not an easy age to buy gifts for, but even the most dreadful adolescent girl probably likes lip gloss. The Sephora Collection Color Wand for Lips  comes with six mango scented lip gloss colors and applicators. They come in four different color combinations – not that middle schoolers use any discretion as to what shade is best for them, but it’s the thought that counts. Available at Sephora for only $10/stick