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Though the details are a bit fuzzy, these solar panels from start-up Veranda Solar are a promising new product that could revolutionize the concept of solarizing your home. Sure everyone wants to go solar…in theory. But who actually goes the full mileage and procures the funding, installs all the equipment and gets their house producing its own energy from sunlight? Not seeing a lot of hands. Now, hanging a panel out the window and plugging ‘er in– that sounds like something the average American could actually get into. Unfortunately, there seems to be no indication of how much power you’ll actually be able to produce with this $400-600 investment. To be fair, Veranda is still in the production stages, so there’s plenty of time to fill us in. These panels seem to be a solid step in a realistically sustainable direction. Kudos.

Who cares about ergonomics anyway?

Oh man, too bad this is just a concept – I’d buy this NES controller mouse any day, I don’t care if it’s even less ergonomic than the old Amiga 500 mice (or the early Apple ones, for that matter). No word on who the mastermind behind it is but he deserves to see this beauty mass produced.

Much is left to the imagination with designer Erick Sakal’s speaker concept. We’re guessing, for example, that the big speaker hole in the front is the subwoofer, while the fins of this sea creature-like creation hold the midrange and tweeters. The speaker does seem to operate wirelessly, with a special iPod transmitter, but where’s the power cord? The photo is tagged as “organic” so maybe we’re looking at some fine lumber from a small farm. Or maybe I’m reading into this too much. It’s pretty to look at, anyway.

The “DeLighTable” by Kloss Interactors

Here’s the DeLighTable by Kloss, a coffee table sporting a surface that emits light when touched. This touch-sensitive and light-emitting technology has been around for a while now but now they’ve finally managed to slim it down (the coffee table is only 25mm thick) and make it available for purchase. It’s completely waterproof and runs on a safe 12 volts.

The price is 1200GBP (about $2,300).

You just knew something iPhone-related was going to happen at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference today. The reality doesn’t quite match the rumors we saw last month, but there’s a surprisingly high ratio of information that was on the mark. With an extra “S” for “speed,” the iPhone 3GS runs up to two times faster than its predecessor and holds either 16 GB or 32 GB compared to the 8 GB iPhone 3G. Battery life has grown, but not by 50 percent, and there is indeed a built-in compass and a glowing Apple logo on the back. Best of all, the new iPhone shoots and edits video and has improved camera features such as touchscreen autofocus and autoexposure. Voice commands are now possible as well. What didn’t pan out? The OLED screen and the FM transmitter. Maybe next time. For now, the 16 GB and 32 GB models will cost $199 and $299 respectively when they go on sale June 19. Also, the old iPhone 3G gets a price cut to $99 today.

A wireless device to show current electricity consumption

Wattson is a wireless device able to constantly measure and display how much electricity you consume in your home. Just clip the transceiver to the wire leading to your meter and fusebox and you’re done.

The exact number can be read on the display on the top (you can choose between watts and pound sterling) and by the ambient lights beneath it – blue means low energy consumption, read means high.

It’s USB-friendly as well, so if you hook it up with a computer you can compare your electricity usage with fellow Wattson owners around the world. Sweet.

The iPod Mini is an outdated model, so it’s only fitting that Jozaeh’s MP3 player is encased in the wood of a stately old Australian red cedar tree. Camphor Laurel comprises the click wheel, and brass plates and screws hold everything together. Says the creator: “I was given a new iPod Mini for Christmas and I just couldn’t leave my trusty old mini to sit unused somewhere.” Sounds like it was his first stab at a wooden iPod mod, and we say he did an admirable job. Sadly, it’s only a matter of time before the battery kicks the bucket and this wooden iPod becomes a true antique.

Instead of just joining the megapixel wars Ricoh just announced the CX1, a compact and robust digital camera offering quite a set of nice features while just having 9 megapixels.

So, you’re getting a 1/2.3″ type CMOS sensor with a 7.1x optical zoom lens, a hi-speed 120 frames(!) per second fast shot mode (limited to VGA though) and a mode called Dynamic Range Double Shot Mode allowing you to take two shots at different exposures which are then blended together. Other than that you can have it take up to seven shots with different focus, allowing you to pick the best one later.

The CX1 will be in stores from March 13th with a £300 price tag (about $430).

Virtual Console just got even less virtual

Oh yeah, Nintendo has retrofitted a bunch of classic Super Famicom Controllers (SNES for some of us) to make them Wii Virtual Console compatible. These were meant to be exclusive for Club Nintendo Platinum members in Japan, but the people over at National Console Support Inc offers them on pre-order (starts shipping April 2008). Sweet.

Now, where’s the NES model?

As if the new iPod Shuffle isn’t tiny enough, designer Alexei Mikhailov has some ideas of his own for the iPod’s future. The appropriately-named iStick folds the aesthetic of the iPhone and iPod Touch into a finger-sized dongle. All four sides of this conceptual gadget are touchable, allowing for plenty of interface tinkering in a tiny package, at the expense of a little carpal tunnel from all the wrist-twisting. The silver cube on the end is a scroll wheel, which would presumably allow for easy volume adjustment without a glance at the interface, but I keep envisioning a USB cover instead. To complete the dream device, the earbuds are wireless — and just like the Shuffle, it would probably cost extra to buy compatible third-party headphones.