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The slap watch (you know, a slap bracelet with a timepiece) doesn’t have to be a crazy, neon rubber thing. For example, TKO Orlogi makes a line of Slapper Crystal Leather Watches, which come with interchangeable bands and are studded with Swarovskis. They come in a variety of colored leathers, but obviously we’re going to show you the leopard print one. Available at tkowatches.com for only $75


You know it’s little when they refer to a miniskirt as small. If you’re looking to lengthen your legs at the holiday bash, you can’t go wrong with this Small Sequin Miniskirt. Well, actually, you can go wrong. We suggest wearing tights so you’re not flashing anything other than those shimmering sequins. Available at shopakira.com for only $37

For those luxury loving ladies who want to add a bit of fur to their lives without feeling ostentatious, try the subtle Sofie Fox Pom Pom Scarf . It’s pretty much the ultimate in softness. Supple cashmere comes to a fuzzy end that’s all in all, not fussy. Available at amazon.com for only $123

Sequins and chunky cables….normally we’d say no way, but we’re totally digging the Sanctuary Sequin Sweater , which has a feminine feel to a stylish fisherman sweater in a pretty fawn color (that goes with just about everything in our wardrobe). Available at shopimagineclothing.com for only $130

We’re hoping that the slick zipper action of these Rebecca Minkoff Zipped Up Earphones keeps them from becoming a tangled mess like all of our other sets. If they do become a crazy knot, at least we’ll look pretty damn cool once we get them untangled and in thanks to the edgy look of the zipper and the pyramid studs on the buds. Available at Nordstrom for only ($48)

Glamming up an everyday staple makes something otherwise ordinary damn near irresistible to us. Doing it in five different color combos? Well that’s just cruel. How are we supposed to pick which lovely Deux Lux Felix Satchel  is right for us? Navy with graphite sequins? Olive with gold sequins?

What’s a girl to do?! We’ve decided to just ask for one for Christmas and let the gift giver decide. Available at deuxlux.com for only $86

Imagine if Tom Cruise got a hold of you in the MUUBAA Charme Aviatress Jacket ? This cool jacket is a feminine take on the traditional tough guyish aviator jacket. We love the detachable arms that turn this jacket into a vest. Available at ilovematerialgirl.com for only $512

Oooh, this Sabine Cashmere Blend Cowl Tunic ($98) is luxuriously soft, a great neutral for pairing with any accessories, and will catch those little pieces of coffee cake you drop in the morning so you don’t miss a morsel! What’s not to love? Available at piperlime.gap.com for only $98

A cropped leather jacket just sounds silly … or so we thought. The tapered tailoring of the Dolce Leather Jacket whittles in at our waist, so it’s flattering over plenty of outfits. For instant style, throw it over a sweater dress or a tee and jeans.

Available at peruvianconnection.com for only $320

Obsessed with finding a bag that’s the absolute perfect size? This Wang design fits that description to a T. On the average day, you may carry your keys with a card holder attached, phone and iPod, at least one pair of sunglasses, a mini umbrella and a flat billfold. And at 10 inches wide, all of that stuff would fit in this little bag comfortably. It’s a tad boxy, but not unattractively so, and that gives it the depth necessary to carry more than keys and a phone. Put this little crossbody at the top of your  list for fall. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $680.