Removing the specs and features sticker from the top bezel of the HP x2301 revealed quite a handsome monitor, with a glossy piano-black bezel and wide, stylish foot stand. The black bezel measures 0.75 inch wide, but shifts into metallic silver at the bezel’s base, where a cylindrical shaft connects the foot stand to the neck of the display. The stand measures 10.1 inches wide by 5.5 inches deep and provides ample stability when the monitor is knocked from the sides, delivering the most stationary LED-based monitor we’ve yet seen. The foot stand is covered by a cool-looking, green-tinted transparent plate.

The monitor’s panel is nearly as thin as the Dell S2330MX’s we recently reviewed, making it the third thinnest monitor we’ve seen, behind the aforementioned Dell and the thinnest of all, the LG Flatron E2290. The glossy motif established in the bezel carries over to the screen, which could double as a dark mirror when powered off.

The HP x2301features a thin panel, a well-designed OSD array and menu, and easy-to-access connection options, all at a great low price. Available at Best Buy for only 199$