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Now that it’s winter and the country is getting its share of snow, we think it’s about time to go break some bones. L.L. Bean’s Flexible Flyer Sled totally beats the trays we filched (and returned!) from our college cafeteria. Made to glide over snow, we’re excited to drive to the mountains and have a snow day. What, adults can’t enjoy a snow day once in a while? Get your sled on. Available at llbean.com for $88 on sale

We think skater boys and girls alike will be more motivated to unlace if you give ’em this recycled skateboard bench to sit on. You might be tempted to stick this in the garage or the kid’s room, but we think it’d even look pretty fabu in a sleek, modern entryway.

The new and improved deckbench is expertly crafted from 100% reclaimed and recycled broken skateboards. This is can also be customized and available at www.etsy.com at $699

This one is perfect for Winter! Boot Tux  are attachable stirrups for your pants to keep them from getting pushed up around your calves when you pull your boots on. Because no grown woman should own an actual pair of stirrup pants.

Each package contains a pair of Boot Tux™, instructions for attaching them to pant cuffs, and tips for best results. Available at http://boottux.com at $17.99