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You know it’s little when they refer to a miniskirt as small. If you’re looking to lengthen your legs at the holiday bash, you can’t go wrong with this Small Sequin Miniskirt. Well, actually, you can go wrong. We suggest wearing tights so you’re not flashing anything other than those shimmering sequins. Available at shopakira.com for only $37

Little Black Dress, meet your arch nemesis, Little White Dress. No matter how unique any LBD is, it holds no hope for being noticed when this Lilly Pulitzer Julianna Dress is in the room. All eyes are drawn to this beacon of beauty with decadent detailing and look-at-me lace. Paired with red heels, it is unstoppable. Available at lillypulitzer.com for $198 only

8 3/4″ long, 1 5/8″ wide dark chestnut leather band. Note that this is a softer, malleable leather, not the hard stuff you usually find on cuff bracelets.It fastens using holes punched on one end which slip over two pairs of riveted posts on the other. Depending on how you fasten it, it fits a 7 1/4″ (2 outermost holes + 2 outermost posts), 6 1/2″ (all 4 holes and posts), or 6″ (2 innermost holes + 2 innermost posts) wrist. The plates with the statements on them are cast in lead-free metal and then given an antique brass finish. They attach to the bracelet using brass hooks. You can add other things on to the hooks, such as beads or charms, to make your statement cuff truly unique, like you.