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Porsche Design just announced the follow-up to P’9521, a quad-band cell phone milled from a single solid block of aluminum and a single sheet of scratchproof glass.

Besides the black and brushed appearance the P’9522 offers Wi-Fi, GPS, a 2.8″ AM OLED display, fingerprint sensor and a five megapixel still/video camera with flash and digital zoom.

iPhone and iPod friendly ladybug from VestaLife

Vestalife will launch the Ladybug iPod / iPhone Speaker Dock at CES International in Las Vegas in January 2008 (it won the CES Innovation Design and Engineering Award you know). This amplified speaker system sports stereo speakers, a subwoofer, LED volume level indicators, a USB port for synchronization and a remote control – I guess I don’t have to mention that it looks like a ladybug, do I?

A few weeks back, Borders opened up pre-ordering for the Kobo e-reader, a simple, $150 tablet that will be attached to its upcoming e-bookstore. We didn’t realize at the time, but the bookseller has no plans of stopping there. In fact, Borders will launch a series of up to 10 e-reading devices across the price spectrum in its retail locations. All the devices will make use of Borders e-bookstore and will be showcased in retail stores in an area called “Area-e.”

Next up on that list is the Libre, an even cheaper e-reading option manufactured by Aluratek. It will retail for $120, feature a 5-inch LCD black-and-white display and double as digital music player. It will also come with 100 preloaded classics. Borders is currently taking orders for the Libre, which will hit the market in July.

Personally, I like what Borders is doing here. When you boil it down, e-readers really just replace paperback books that you could buy for 5 to 10 bucks or borrow for free at your local library. In other words, the cheaper they can make a basic e-reader, the better. That and the fact that these devices are tied to a well-known name in books should make them an intriguing option for consumers, even if they don’t become a rousing success story.

Mmmm.. Fixed device against white background..

Granted, showing your device fixed up close with hands and fingers walking you through the features, all against a bright white background might just be the most logical way to show what your device got, but Bell’s new ad for Palm Pre does feel a bit inspired by Apple’s iPod / iPhone ads, doesn’t it? Just a tiny bit? Anyway, the device and interface still looks good.

Trying to stay under a $600 PC budget but can’t wait for the affordable ultrathins or ultrapowerful netbooks? Woot’s got a way out with a $549 Dell 17-inch Studio notebook. Built for entertainment, the refurbished Dell Studio 1737 includes a 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4 GB of RAM, a 320 GB hard drive, a DVD player and burner, a webcam and Vista Home Premium installed. There’s also an HDMI output and a 1-year warranty if you’re a worry wart. I know, PCs don’t make the greatest impulse buys, but normally a 17-inch Studio with these specs will set you back $759, so consider pulling the trigger if you were already shopping.

Cheaper, still small and silent

Shuttle launched the “All-in-One Mini-PC” X50 a while ago but will, as of the end of June 2009, be available as a barebone system as well, meaning you get to buy this sleek, 3.6 cm thin and fanless system and then equip it with your operating system, HDD/SSD and RAM of choice.

The X50 is available in both black and white, both sporting Intel Atom 330 dual-core processors (2×1.6 GHz), a 15.6″ touchscreen, a 1.3 megapixel webcam, wlan, gigabit-lan, card reader, stereo speakers, microphone and the forementioned fanless power supply (65 Watt).

Who cares about ergonomics anyway?

Oh man, too bad this is just a concept – I’d buy this NES controller mouse any day, I don’t care if it’s even less ergonomic than the old Amiga 500 mice (or the early Apple ones, for that matter). No word on who the mastermind behind it is but he deserves to see this beauty mass produced.

Much is left to the imagination with designer Erick Sakal’s speaker concept. We’re guessing, for example, that the big speaker hole in the front is the subwoofer, while the fins of this sea creature-like creation hold the midrange and tweeters. The speaker does seem to operate wirelessly, with a special iPod transmitter, but where’s the power cord? The photo is tagged as “organic” so maybe we’re looking at some fine lumber from a small farm. Or maybe I’m reading into this too much. It’s pretty to look at, anyway.

The “DeLighTable” by Kloss Interactors

Here’s the DeLighTable by Kloss, a coffee table sporting a surface that emits light when touched. This touch-sensitive and light-emitting technology has been around for a while now but now they’ve finally managed to slim it down (the coffee table is only 25mm thick) and make it available for purchase. It’s completely waterproof and runs on a safe 12 volts.

The price is 1200GBP (about $2,300).

You just knew something iPhone-related was going to happen at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference today. The reality doesn’t quite match the rumors we saw last month, but there’s a surprisingly high ratio of information that was on the mark. With an extra “S” for “speed,” the iPhone 3GS runs up to two times faster than its predecessor and holds either 16 GB or 32 GB compared to the 8 GB iPhone 3G. Battery life has grown, but not by 50 percent, and there is indeed a built-in compass and a glowing Apple logo on the back. Best of all, the new iPhone shoots and edits video and has improved camera features such as touchscreen autofocus and autoexposure. Voice commands are now possible as well. What didn’t pan out? The OLED screen and the FM transmitter. Maybe next time. For now, the 16 GB and 32 GB models will cost $199 and $299 respectively when they go on sale June 19. Also, the old iPhone 3G gets a price cut to $99 today.