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Now that it’s winter and the country is getting its share of snow, we think it’s about time to go break some bones. L.L. Bean’s Flexible Flyer Sled totally beats the trays we filched (and returned!) from our college cafeteria. Made to glide over snow, we’re excited to drive to the mountains and have a snow day. What, adults can’t enjoy a snow day once in a while? Get your sled on. Available at llbean.com for $88 on sale

It’s hard to find an interesting, non-bulky puffer coat, so we’re happy to have found this RD Style Belted Puffer Coat. The sporty belt and funky collar are calling our chilly names! Available at designsbystephene.com for only $180

We love these Fair Isle Wrist-Warmers from Wooden Ships–the black and mustard is to die for. But do we really need another pair of fingerless gloves? Is there ever a time when we need palm and wrist warmth, but not finger warmth? Available at room6.com for only $42

This Houdini Beanie is fairly magical. It can change into three different styles, hide a less than stellar hair day, and cover the gigantic zit on your forehead that didn’t get the memo you’re not 15 anymore. Anything that can hide the unicorn horn that visits once or twice a month is a magic maker in our opinion. Available at beardowear.ca for only $37

Since classy is always in, go the royalty route in this Steve Madden Princess Coat. It comes in black and ivory, and even though we’re scared to wear a white coat, it seems so much more Princess Kate, don’t you think?

The contrasting black buttons and belt loops give us lots of accessory options. We could color-block with red, royal blue, or yellow mittens and scarves for some serious winter chic. Available at Alloy for only  $95.92 

Cold, grey dreary days call for a pop of color and warmth. Nanette Lepore answers the call with this Provocative Coat . Of course, the name makes us think we should wear it with only skimpy lingerie underneath it, which completely defeats the purpose of staying warm…though it would add something exciting to wintery afternoons. Available at Piperlime for $528