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When you are walking down the street wearing this bebe Feather Flower Fascinator Headband , don’t be surprised when you start getting hit upside the head with brooms, kitchen towels, newspapers and purses by people who think that god awful rat’s nest on your head must be the result of a bat taking up residence somewhere near your ear. This is available at Bebe for 29$

Consider yourself warned. 

When we think of Kate Spade, we think refined and preppy. We don’t think of the Beastie Boys. Despite the fact that the two icons don’t seem to mesh, this No Sleep Till Brooklyn Bangle  is pretty fantastic. Literally, it’s pretty and fantastic. It’s the one piece of jewelry we wish we’d had when we were 15 and were trying to impress the first guy we had a crush on while still staying true to the preppy girl we are at heart. Available at katespade.com ($88)

Clinique Lipgloss/Lipstick Duo Limited Edition  lets you have your cake and eat it too. Get the color rich lipstick we have all grown to depend on with the high shine of lip gloss in one tube.

It’s like knowing your brother has the clap, picking up the phone to call your best friend to tell her only to hear him having phone sex. With his professor. Long distance. On your parents’ house line. Available at Dillards.com for 21$ only

If you have the heart of a little girl and the budget of a big mama, go ahead and indulge in this Isabella Fiore Disney Snow White Satchel Handbag ($220). Fill it up with poison apples and throw them at anyone who makes fun of you. You’ll have a smug look on your face because you know you’re going home to your Happy, Bashful Doc(tor) boyfriend and they’re probably going home to some Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy, Sleepy dude. Available at styleaddiction.com at $219.99

The Kitty satchel is big and soft, almost like a really luxe weekender, most notable the gold pushlocks that will always remind us of Marc Jacobs, no matter how many other designers use them.

Kitty satchel is a very versatile bag because of its color, where you can use them on whatever functions you go to plus it has a crossbody strap which you can use for travelling. Available at Bloomingdales at $1350

We can’t decide who is less believable as a spokesperson: Claire Danes or Brooke Shields? One can’t quote Shakespeare to save her life (literally) and the other showed us what her momma gave her before the showing was worth the show.

This eyeliner dramatically enhances the appearance of lash length and density. A quick dry, stay-put liquid liner, it treats lashes all day long. Its advanced formula delivers a high dose of active peptides and intense pigment in a longwearing, smudge-proof formula. The convenient pen format allows for maximum control during application, ensuring a precise, even line that glides on with just one effortless stroke.  Available at Sephora at $48

The Kate Spade Bixby Frame Clutch in mustard yellow, which marries supple leather, glossy resin and earthy wood into a single, covetable handbag.

The first thing that we should always do when we see a casual clutch is check the width; if it’s less than 9 or 10 inches, then move on. Any smaller than that and a bag becomes a tried-and-true evening clutch which won’t hold all of the essentials that most women need for anything more than a fancy party. But at a full foot wide, the Bixby is a safe clutch to use from the afternoon into evening, and the mix of materials and textures means that it will be at home both indoors or out. Available at nordstrom.com at 325$

This one is perfect for Winter! Boot Tux  are attachable stirrups for your pants to keep them from getting pushed up around your calves when you pull your boots on. Because no grown woman should own an actual pair of stirrup pants.

Each package contains a pair of Boot Tux™, instructions for attaching them to pant cuffs, and tips for best results. Available at http://boottux.com at $17.99

We’ve already invested in an expensive pair of cat eye sunglasses this season. But, we’re really awesome at losing things, so we’ll bust those out on special occasions and wear these ASOS Oversized Red Cat Eye Sunglasses ($22) the rest of the time. They’re super stylish and fun, but affordable enough that if we lose them/break them/sit on them 30048321 times, we won’t feel too bad about it .

The renowned fashion stylist has been developing stunning accessories and apparel for some time. Her designs are playful and edgy, inviting adventure

One cannot escape the inevitable mark of luxury that all Rebecca Minkoff handbags sport.  Rebecca Minkoff is a design genius when it comes to handbags and other accessories. Among couture fashion designers, she has a reputation that can no longer be denied by fashion aficionados looking for the perfect accessory to match their style. Available at www.rebeccaminkoff.com/shop